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    Culver City, CA

    Our Mission:

    To provide our fans, communities and partners the highest quality sports and entertainment in the world, and to do so in a way that is consistent with our values.

    Our Responsibility:

    Every member of the NFL community embraces our unique leadership role in society, and assumes the trust, character, and responsibility that comes with that role. We bring fans and communities from all walks of life together to celebrate a game that is constantly evolving, balancing the authenticity of tradition with the power of innovation.

    Everyone matters. Everyone contributes.
    In a game of Xs and 0s, we embrace all people for who they are regardless of status, title or background. We celebrate diverse opinions and perspectives. We honor hard work and commitment. Every contribution makes us better.


    We always look to make the right call.
    We do the right thing when no one is looking, and even if it?s unpopular when they are looking. We demand accountability and we expect fair play. We say what we mean, mean what we say, and always follow through. We accept responsibility when we get things wrong and then work to make them right.

    Responsibility to Team

    As a team, we support one another. We depend on one another.
    Our fans give us their hearts. Our communities see themselves in us and we see ourselves in them. No matter how much we accomplish, no matter how successful we are, no one is bigger than the game. Everything we do has a consequence for someone else. We embrace our interdependence. We humbly strive to make our teams, our players, our fans, and our communities proud and better.


    We set high standards, and continuously strive for excellence.
    Anything is possible. No matter how great the obstacles, we overcome adversity. We turn losses into lessons. We adapt to changing circumstances and lead in new contexts. We embrace the greatest challenges and rise to meet them.

    Get in the game... apply for a position on our team.

    All of us in the NFL are proud of our rich history and our special place in American culture. While we are fortunate to be recognized as one of the world's strongest entertainment brands, we also believe that the future offers more opportunity for the NFL to grow. Of the NFL's many assets, none is more valuable than the people who work together to help it succeed. The NFL staff has been a fundamental part of the league's success and will continue to play a key role in our continued growth and progress.

    The NFL encourages its employees to enjoy their work and develop their talent both personally and professionally. We recognize that the only way to reach our goals is to have a team of talented individuals. Our employees are highly motivated, innovative team players. If you possess these qualities, there may be a place for you on our roster.


    Diversity is critically important to the NFL. It is a cultural and organizational imperative about dignity, respect, inclusion and opportunity. Accordingly, diversity has been incorporated into the League Values and Strategic Constants and is therefore an integral element in establishing the League's strategic initiatives. Diversity is the right thing to do both for moral and ethical reasons as well as for the long-term business success of the League. To speak effectively to the broad society externally, the NFL must represent and celebrate a broad society internally. We must overcome the existing cynicism by making progress in both the culture and composition of the NFL organization.

    To be effective in embracing and supporting diversity as an organization, every individual must take ownership of the diversity initiative and strive to make a difference in the culture and behaviors of the NFL while impacting workforce composition and advancement whenever possible, as described below:

    Diversity Mission Statement

    To cultivate an organization and community representing a wide variety of individuals at all levels, all of whom respect, honor and celebrate the broad range of human differences among us, while also embracing the commonalities we share, and to provide each individual with the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential as organizational goals are pursued.

    The overall objective of the diversity effort is to create a culturally progressive and socially reflective organization that represents, supports and celebrates diversity at all levels.


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