We design and build disruptive technology solutions that give entrepreneurs, businesses and brands an unfair advantage.

  • 16-50 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Advertising


If we wanted to follow convention we'd have picked a different name.

We’ve always done things differently. Our name is a commitment to that philosophy. You’ll find expressions of it at every touchpoint — in our partnerships, workspaces and the culture we define together.

We’re building technology that redefines industries, here in the heart of the most exciting city in the world.

You’ll get a warm welcome, a state-of-the-art tech setup, a tonne of perks and inspiring projects to work on.

Design and Development

As a digital product studio we partner with companies of all sizes and sectors to help them innovate and scale through stunning solution-focussed design and UX that just works. From MVP to production, we build powerful, considered, user tested products that cut through the internet static.


We are insatiably curious about the art of user experience. Driving deep engagement keeps our partners’ products one step ahead when the margin between success and failure might be one less click.

Targeted, insight-led innovation means a lasting connection with your audience.


You’ll work with a smart, focused, multi-disciplinary team that treats your business objectives as their own. Experienced hands who’ve worked with the world’s leading brands and young millennials with a necessary indifference to tradition.

At the point at which the two meet...well, there’s the alchemy.


Partnership is an important concept for us, as it lies at the heart of our relationships. We think of it as a fierce commitment to achieving shared goals.

Our opinions are based on years of experience launching dozens of products across multiple verticals. Listening to founders pitch, reading their decks, writing their proposals, observing what happens between idea, paper and screen.

The projects we don’t make are as important a measure of taste as the one’s we do.

We’re in this together.

Jukedeck: Winner of TechCrunch Disrupt 2015
NEVERBLAND - Jukedeck: Winner of TechCrunch Disrupt 2015
Allude: Social hiring. Site by NB.
NEVERBLAND - Allude: Social hiring. Site by NB.
Modernising Shakespeare for Generation X
NEVERBLAND - Modernising Shakespeare for Generation X
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Tech Stack
  • React
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • RWD
  • HTML
  • ES6+
  • Git
  • Node
  • PHP
  • TDD
  • BDD
  • MySQL
  • LAMP
  • Docker
  • AWS

  • Killer setup - a mac and dual monitor setup should you wish
  • 22 days holiday per year
  • WFH days
  • Free lunches
  • Hummingbird Bakery birthday cakes
  • Friday drinks
  • A generous L&D budget for conferences and meetups