Developing automated technologies for daily health, performance, and happiness.

Founded 2010
1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    401 Park Dr, Boston, MA 02215, USA

    Neumitra develops embedded biomodules to measure and manage the autonomic nervous system throughout daily life demands. We use mobile software to link contextual data, such as events, locations, and activities, with the physiology of stress and sleep toward self-managing symptoms and identifying their causes. Population health predictors isolate how environments and cultures across locations and professions drive risk factors for chronic health conditions.

    Our mission

    Medical research has long linked excessive stress and lost sleep to a host of physical and mental health concerns. Neumitra’s mission is a validated bio+ score to quantify daily brain health. Today, less sleep, worse nutrition, and sparse exercise is a seen as a necessary consequence of too much work. By contextualizing how the autonomic nervous system is affected by daily stressors, we target the effects on brain health and performance. We are dedicated to helping people and populations live healthier, happier lives.

    Tech stack

    Clojure/ClojureScript, Java, Python, Postgres, Thrift, Objective-C + SQLite (mobile)