We're connecting the world's in-store inventory to the web.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Platform
  • Headquarters address
    14 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8PD

    What we do

    Hi! We're NearSt - a retail technology platform connecting the world’s in-store inventory to the web. Since 2015 we’ve been on a mission to unlock the massive opportunity currently hidden away in high street shops, and recently partnered with Google to connect in-store inventory directly into search at a massive scale. At our core, we believe it should be faster and easier to find something from a real shop nearby than ordering that same thing online.

    The technology we’ve developed to make this possible, called NearLIVE, connects to any shop inventory system and turns raw stock into quality live inventory data, ready for the web. In doing so we’re providing a unique single view of exactly who stocks what, where, and when for other platforms and innovators to build on.

    What we’re doing will fundamentally change the way we all shop. This is a world-sized problem that is immensely difficult to solve, so we’re looking for people who are deeply motivated by both the mission and the scale of this challenge, and who are driven by working alongside others who will push you hard to solve complex problems that many have failed at before.

    What it's like here

    We're a tight-knit team of six who all share a common vision that what we’re building will define the future of how everyone shops. Inside our Shoreditch office you’ll find music, food, plants, the occasional dog, inspiration we’ve found from the streets, and a can-do mindset in people who want to make a real difference in the world. On Friday you’ll usually find a few beers open as part of our weekly roundup too.

    As a team we:

    • Do agile (Kanban, but with weekly goals)
    • Use GitHub, JIRA, Slack and Google Docs as our daily tools
    • Use a bunch of other tools we each individually find useful
    • Do a weekly Friday roundup, sharing what we've built over a few beers
    • Operate with 10-4 core hours, so you can work when you're most productive
    • Attend industry events to keep us on the cutting edge
    • Have an entrepreneurial can-do mindset
    • Want to make a real difference in the world

    How We Hire

    We like to move quickly as a company while being thorough with the people we hire, through four stages:

    Step 1: Technical Calibration Call
    This takes about 30 minutes, and we’ll ask you a bunch of varied questions to understand your strongest areas, along with a short intro to the role and summary of your experience.

    Step 2: Take Home Test
    A simple but challenging test to see how your skills match up to some of the specific challenges we're looking to solve.

    Step 3: In-Person Interview
    This lasts 2 hours at our Old Street office, and includes two main parts:

    • Technical interview, covering your previous experience, review of your take home test, and questions about NearSt
    • Cultural fit, talking more about our industry, what we do, the role, what you value in work, and what you hope to achieve

    Step 4: Offer + drinks
    If all goes well, you’ll get an offer from us along with an invite to join the team for drinks to celebrate you becoming part of the NearSt family!

    Tech stack

    Node.js, React, Docker, AWS (ECS EC2 SQS and Lambda), Microservice architecture, Codeship CI
    NearSt - #HumbleBrag Presenting our vision for the future of retail on the WIRED main stage
    NearSt - Company Photo
    NearSt - Company Photo
    NearSt - Company Photo
    NearSt - Company Photo
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    NearSt - Strict office dress-code