Navhealth Inc

NavHealth makes care networks smarter by providing patient clarity at each point of contact via any API-connected applications.

1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • NavHealth, a rapidly growing startup in the Software-as-a-Service Health Analytics market, is looking for a Data Engineer to help build out our cloud-based, data storage and analytics platform.
    As Data Engineer, you will develop and maintain data processing workflows, deploy and optimize our cloud infrastructure, and develop analytic models on data from diverse and complex healthcare sources.

    We are looking for someone who thrives in collaborative environments where you will design and communicate ideas with the team before implementing them. Essential to your success will be your ability to break down big problems into smaller pieces that can be solved iteratively, allowing for incremental discovery and refinement while focusing on overall delivery.

    What you will do:

    • Manage all data flow by developing processes that verify, standardize, and scale data input and transformation and storage.
    • Work with client’s engineers to automate recurring ETL and reporting jobs.
    • Work closely with the Data Analysts as well as with our customer facing Dedicated Advisors to design and implement business requirements and develop processes necessary to provide visibility into the data via our data warehouse provisions and reporting infrastructure.
    • Work closely with the front-end developers to ensure data that is brought in and managed is clean, accurate, available and complete.
    • Identify data-related issues or inconsistencies. Produce actionable recommendations that address known problems and then implement solutions, such as developing automated quality control scripts.
    • Consume 3rd party API data to enhance data integrity.
    • Maintain data flows into BI tools.
    • Perform additional team responsibilities as necessary, such as contributing to development of the data warehouse and curating data for the Data Science division.
    • Communicate complex quantitative analysis in a clear, precise, and actionable manner to diverse stakeholders.

    Things we are looking for:

    • You have enterprise-class software development experience and understand what it means to support a SaaS product
    • You take personal responsibility for the quality of your work and believe that your work is a reflection of yourself and the team
    • You develop software that lasts, and is not replaced in the next refactoring cycle
    • You know and follow accepted Software Design Patterns and are familiar with Enterprise Integration Patterns
    • You love data and dream of uncovering insights in large datasets
    • You have worked with a variety of data environments including both SQL and NoSQL and are able to describe when to use particular approach - we currently use PostgreSQL and MongoDB and are looking to add to our toolkit
    • You have hands on experience with the Hadoop ecosystem including Hive and Spark
    • You have demonstrated the ability to pick up any language - we currently use Javascript and Python but we highly value the ability to learn and adapt quickly. If your core language is Java, Erlang, etc, tell us about why you like it.
    • You meet your commitments and believe in delivering on time, and can manage expectations and priorities effectively when unexpected issues arise
    • You understand what is wrong with the following statement: “My dog has 4 legs. My dog is a mammal. Therefore all mammals have 4 legs.”

    Tech stack

    Python, Postgres, Hadoop, Node, MongoDB


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance