Let's change the way people move.

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    590 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94105

    About MoveWith

    MoveWith is reimagining the world of group fitness.

    We believe that great teachers are the key to leading a healthy and active life. They're the ones who make sure we never run out of motivation and who keep us smiling through the sweat. We're passionate about legitimizing and elevating the careers of those who inspire us to lead healthier, more balanced, and more connected lives.

    MoveWith is your trusted place for daily movement. We make it easy to connect with the most inspiring teachers in a thriving community. At the tap of a button, you'll discover and book fitness classes with the people who make every workout a workout you love.

    Why we're here

    We're born to move. Nothing compares to the feeling of life pulsing through your veins. The feeling of finding something extra when you thought you had nothing left. The feeling of presence and connection when you really have given it your everything. Movement is fuel: for the mind, body, and soul. For the individual. For the community.

    We're here because we believe in moving together. We believe that we move better when we are supported—whether that comes in the form of a guiding hand or tough love. We celebrate the people who challenge, motivate, and inspire us to run a little faster, push a little harder, dig a little deeper, and hold strong a little longer.

    We're creating a company where the community is greater than any one individual. Where there is room for all types of movers. Where what matters most is that you know what fuels you from the inside out and you're not afraid to go find it. We're developing technology that empowers people to do what they do best:

    Teach. Learn. Grow.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Redis, Objective-C


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance