Building the future of online car commerce.

  • Founded 2017
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Transportation

About Motorway

The car industry is one of the last dinosaurs yet to be disrupted by technology. We’re bringing it kicking and screaming into the future.

We started Motorway because we’ve always had bad experiences trying to sell or buy a car. We think that experience should be as quick and easy as selling a mobile phone or booking an Airbnb.

Our vision for Motorway is to develop smart technology that enables anyone to instantly get and compare offers for their car, just by entering the registration plate. We hook into various data sources to value the car, and then get instant offers from a network of car buyers around the country, bringing transparency and clarity to the market for the first time.

We launched in December 2016 with an MVP of this concept and already have 1000s of users selling cars through Motorway every month. We are now building out the full product and scaling, before we begin innovating in related areas like new car sales, car finance and insurance.

Motorway is founded by three highly experienced technology entrepreneurs who have started, scaled and exited three profitable companies together. As a team we’ve built the UK’s biggest price comparison platform for broadband & mobile phones, developed one of the first Spotify apps, and been awarded Apple's App Store 'App of the Year'. We are passionate about using design, technology and marketing scale to disrupt archaic industries.

Having recently secured our first round of funding, we’re now looking for the key team members that will define the business.

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Tech Stack
  • react
  • isomorphic react
  • express.js
  • node.js
  • python
  • heroku
  • postgres
  • git on github
  • javascript
  • html
  • css3
  • less
  • agile
  • trello
  • slack
  • sketch

  • regular social events
  • free drinks & snacks
  • choice of tech rig
  • high degree of influence
  • pair programming
  • fun & relaxed office
  • fast career development
  • training and support
  • flexible working styles
  • music in the office
  • attractive equity packages