We are developing a new paradigm for automation: our software learns to automate work just by observing it. We believe automation doesn't need a developer.

1-15 employees
Headquarters address
Keeton's & Collett (3Space) Keeton's Road, London SE16 4EE
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100 billion. That’s the number of hours of repetitive, manual work we will do on our computers this year. Businesses would kill to automate this work, but state-of-the-art software automation requires teams of developers, months of effort, and hundreds of thousands of pounds to deploy. Most businesses simply can’t afford that price tag.

At Mimica we are developing a new paradigm for automation: our software learns to automate work just by observing it. This eliminates the need for developers, making the benefits of automation accessible to everyone.

How It Works

Our algorithms learn by watching you work, observing clicks and keystrokes and using machine learning to identify repetition within this dataset. This approach dramatically broadens automation potential within a business. With Mimica, all of the low-volume, bespoke tasks that never warranted attention suddenly become viable candidates for automation, opening up a $5T previously untapped market.


We’re a seed stage startup backed by two of Europe’s most successful early-stage investors, Entrepreneur First and Episode 1.


With active paid pilots in multiple Fortune 100 companies, we need people ready to work collaboratively and move quickly. You’ll join a small, ambitious team with diverse backgrounds in neuroscience, computational biology, software engineering, and machine learning. We are passionate about solving difficult technical challenges and always seek to improve on existing solutions. We may not have free food and gym classes (yet) but your work will have a tangible and deep impact on our clients and our whole company.


  • You think like a founder: you can make decisions quickly with little oversight; you keep the big picture in mind; you take responsibility and initiative for constantly improving your product; other people look to you for solutions amid uncertainty.
  • You are a team player: you instinctively seek and give feedback; you are not afraid to be wrong or challenged. You enjoy working collaboratively to find the best solution.
  • You are an exceptional worker: the job isn’t done until your high standards are met. You don’t cut corners, nor do you always seek perfection; you balance the need for quality and speed.
  • You are an independent thinker: you are unafraid of challenging the status quo; you bring a contrarian mindset to the table when evaluating decisions.
  • You are strategically-minded: you are able to identify and prioritize strategic initiatives and are eager to think big about Mimica’s potential.
  • You are obsessed with the user: you live and breathe user experience and continuously improve your understanding of how and why people use your product. You have an eye for design and an intuition for what separates good software from great.
  • You have a desire to change the future of work

Tech stack

C#, Python, JavaScript