Metric Collective

Metric Collective is a holding company in New York that both acquires existing businesses and builds new products from scratch. We aim to build self-sustaining, profitable business machines.

  • Founded 2011
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers

About Metric Collective

Metric Collective

Metric Collective is a holding company based in New York, NY. We are in the business of building profitable, self-sustaining business machines. Sometimes that means taking an idea and turning it into a reality, while other times it means acquiring a solid existing business.

We are a small team, and things are in constant flux. Joining the Metric team now is the perfect opportunity for somebody to experience a level of autonomy that you won't find at most companies. You will be running the technology for entire businesses, integrally involved in product design, implementation, and the on-going business. You will help to shape our shared tools and processes. Trust in our team is key to every thing we do.


Cadence is a multi-channel communication platform with a focus on human-computer cooperation and balancing machine-learning-driven automation with human expertise.

Cadence can be verticalized to specific markets and specialized for that purpose. We are currently focusing on the franchise development space, with our brand, Franfunnel, but have big plans to expand to other verticals including real estate, car repair, financial services and more.

One of our other businesses, FranchiseHelp, operates as a marketing platform for franchise development, meaning we connect people who want to open a business with proven business concepts. Unfortunately, we found out that the companies in charge of those concepts didn't do a great job getting in touch with the leads we were providing. We built Franfunnel to close the gap on outreach, and help our customers close more deals.

The business has been experiencing a high pace of customer growth month-over-month, due to impressive increases to contact rate, reduction in workload, and stellar customer service. We are looking for a lead technologist to take Cadence to the next level and ultimately drive the direction of the product as we improve it for our franchise clients and expand into other verticals.

To date, Cadence has been funded by the cashflow from Metric's other profitable businesses, but we are exploring the option of fundraising to help accelerate its growth. You will likely be intricately involved in this process.

Our Culture

We like to think we're building a company with the just the right balance between the over-bubbly startups and cold corporations of the world. The people who do best here are the people who have seen what can go wrong when you find yourself at either end of that spectrum (or both).

Every one of our holdings must be financially sustainable as it scales. We aren't looking to start a hundred 1-in-a-million unicorn startups, we'd prefer 10 solid businesses. We think this approach fares better in both good and bad times. That philosophy might run counter-culture to the prevailing sentiment in the tech world, but it's core to the way we operate.

Above all, we value competence and open communication. We only hire people who can go far beyond simply performing a task. We aren't great top-down managers, so we only hire people who don't need that. We like to self-organize where appropriate, empowering our team to find their strengths and defer to others when necessary.

We enjoy one another's company, and do plenty of team activities, including things like sailing trips on the Hudson, team outings to watch the newest Fast & Furious movies, and a weekly happy hour. We work hard, but we're not over-worked. When things go well, we take company trips to warm beachy places like Cancun or the Hamptons.

Some of Our Internal Tools

Our ability to run so many businesses with such a small team depends on our ability to build shared tools and expertise that can be re-used across businesses. We are big fans of rolling our own tools when appropriate, so that we have complete and total control over their execution. Some of our shared tools may one day become products or services themselves.

Orchestra is a powerful framework for orchestrating multi-channel communications and asynchronous business processes. It provides both technical and non-technical users with unprecedented control and visibility into complex business systems, that can operate on real-time application events, queues of human intelligence tasks, in-bound communications, and supervised learning mechanisms.

Topology is our docker-based system for managing and auto-scaling production and development servers of all types. It sits on top of Google Compute Engine resources and uses Orchestra to meet a variety of cloud computing needs. It powers all of our applications for which Google App Engine is inappropriate, and may one day power all of our applications. It also operates as a CI server for all of our deployments, automatically picking up new builds, provisioning staging servers, and running automated smoke tests and deployments.

Metric Collector is a centralized ETL and data warehouse system built on top of Amazon Redshift. It allows our technical and non-technical users unprecedented access to business-critical data points. We call ourselves Metric Collective because we make our business decision based on data wherever possible, and the collector helps us do that. In the near future, we are working on adding real-time components to the collector to get up-to-date statistics about all of our businesses as they occur.

Negotiation trainings led by our COO.
Metric Collective - Negotiation trainings led by our COO.
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Tech Stack
  • Python
  • React
  • Docker

  • Autonomy
  • Team Trust
  • Sailing Trips

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan
  • Life & Disability Coverage Life & Disability Coverage

  • To date we have bootstrapped Metric and used profits from previous successes to fund new ventures. We will likely be pursuing a small round for growing Cadence.

  • To date we have bootstrapped Metric and used profits from previous successes to fund new ventures. We will likely be pursuing a small round for growing Cadence.