Teach vocabulary better.

1-15 employees
  • Education
  • Membean is a Portland, Oregon based company, providing web based tools to help students excel at tests. We aim to bring evidence based, well researched instruction techniques out of learning labs and into everyday use. We passionately believe that there are better ways to learn, that time is valuable, and the measure of what you learn is what you retain over the long term.

    Membean has been adopted by schools in every US state, and in 20+ countries. We need a highly creative and capable designer to help with the core student and teacher interfaces. The work you do will be used every day by kids around the world who can thrive in your designs.

    We are looking for some UX help to
    design/overhaul/simplify a few of our interfaces.
    One of our redesigns involves word pages; e.g.:

    Another project is redesigning landing pages for a couple of our
    products. Yet another involves designing new interactive questions.

    Future projects may include
    * animations for short screencasts
    * student dashboard design for simple learning metrics
    * graphs/graphics for long blog articles
    * longer multi-question assessment pages
    * word root pages

    Some JavaScript experience would be helpful. We use Bootstrap and jQuery -- no fancy JS frameworks at this point. Very strong UX/UI skills needed. Responsive design experience required with ability to design for web on a variety of devices.

    You'll be working directly with the small team of developers, and will have a strong influence on various aspects of product design.

    Tech stack

    Rails, MySQL, Coffeescript, D3, jquery