meetinvest AG

Providing sophisticated, highly-scalable B2B2C investment solutions for the global financial industry and a free stock-screening tool for individuals - (Requires relocation to Switzerland)

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    Lindenstrasse 4, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

    Our Mission:

    meetinvest, as an idea, has always been about sharing and collaboration.
    Sharing investment knowledge to empower everyone and providing world class digital investment solutions to financial institutions.

    For Individuals:

    We provide an easy-to-use, jargon-free, expert based stock screening tool monitoring 69,000 stocks on a daily basis in 128 countries. The purpose? To easily source and access the most promising stocks and allow users to make better investment decisions.

    For Financial Institutions:

    We provide sophisticated, and highly scalable digital B2B2C investment solutions for the global financial industry. We have built the world’s first single-stock, expert-based, algorithm-driven Robo Advisor, consisting of an expert team builder, portfolio builder and a portfolio management tool to make better and more systematic decisions.

    For wealth management firms, it’s a powerful, scalable proposition to be platformed to their clients, designed as a white label “plug and play” solution. It allows their clients to invest like the world’s best investment legends, assisted and supported by this smart digital investment advisor.

    For investment advisors, brokers and funds management firms, it can be platformed for internal use to reduce production costs significantly and increase the quality of the output.

    Furthermore, the investment process and systematics are more transparent than ever and addresses the latest regulatory and compliance requirements.

    Our Story: CEO & Co-Founder Maria Jacquemai

    In the Summer of 2014, our journey started when I, Maria, got interested, as a trained TV-journalist, into the world of stock investing. So, I started by reading the financial pages, and although it all sounded very impressive it wasn’t straight-forward to me. I bought some investment books, talked to friends, and even spoke to a few financial advisors. The problem was that most of the time the only answers I received were heavy on financial jargon and light on simple practical explanations. Working through the published works of the likes of Buffett, Templeton, and O’Neil will provide you with a wealth of information, but it can be very daunting.

    Then I discovered the German award winning Fund Manager Susan Levermann. Her success rate was very impressive, but her investment thinking didn’t feel nearly as intimidating. In fact, she provided almost exactly what I was looking for all this time: a how-to guide for do-it-yourself (DIY) investors. I brought my new find to my husband Michel, a veteran of the financial industry for a second opinion. He was not easily impressed, but after going through the book, he agreed that it was worth a try to program the success formulas and back-test those 14-years which covered also two of the worst bear markets in recent history. The result was even more convincing and in that moment the principles of meetinvest were born.

    Motivated by that, we then decided to look into other investment legends that also provided success formulas publicly in form of books or research papers and performed the same exercise again with astonishing results. Creating a stock-screening tool for our own use quickly became something we also wanted to provide for anyone else out there. The rapid growth of our user base on the free version and countless daily comments confirmed that what we were providing was meaningful and that there are many people out there with the same ‘need’ I had.

    The growing requests to connect our free stock-screening tool with online brokers and custodian banks and our wish to keep the stock screening tool for free, pushed us into the next step of our journey. Our natural evolution meant building an even more comprehensive, commercial product: the first of its kind, single stock Robo Adviser. Driven by a “catch all” algorithm, our Robo can now create, build, and manage portfolios, supported by a 24/7 digital research analyst which provides also immediate notifications in case a stock needs to be replaced.

    We quickly grew from two to a team of 20 plus highly enthusiastic programmers, financial analysts, quants, art directors, creatives, digital growth managers, lawyers, and copy writers. Our international team consists of natives from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Russia, Venezuela, United Kingdom and the United States.

    Together we are working day and night to build investment tools that change the way the world invests.

    Tech stack

    PHP, C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL


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