Display the most relevant videos (ad or content) to attentive web users across premium websites, and become the next gen video platform, heir of Youtube and Criteo.

Founded 2011
16-50 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    Paris 2e

    We want to disrupt the way brands are buying digital media and make them pay for what they really want, in full transparency.
    We want to give good reasons to web users not to install ad block anymore because ads they look at are more relevant
    We want to help publishers enrich their articles with good video content, and less but more efficient video ads

    - 2011: Mediabong's birth. Paris office
    - 2013: Video syndication platform launch with premium producers, publishers, brands
    - 2014: EBG top 10 most innovative start-up award
    - 2015: New round with french & US VCs. Mediabong launch in the US (New York office)
    - 2016: Video platform focused on user attention and ad performance. 700 publishers using our solutions (1,5 Billion pages monthly), 150 campaigns for top brands. 30 talents in the Mediabong team.
    - 2017: Mediabong becomes Vuble (pronounce "viewble") to express our unique guarantee on the market: get the user attention on videos. Developed full stack video platform (SSP/DSP/exchange features).

    - Handling full RTB connection with ad leaders and settling new feature which will become standards
    - Developing smart algorithms for user behavior prediction, content matching, real time bidding & trading
    - Scaling several Billions of monthly data with big data tech stacks, noSQL database, etc.
    - Add platform features in Agile mode, with a "Test & learn & scale" approach
    - Deal with multi devices challenges
    - Adapting smartly to hundreds of media and brands, with their own specificities

    Pretty quickly actually. Starting with a little chat on
    Then an interview in our Paris office with the CTO and/or Chief R&D and a 1 hour tech test + debrief.
    Final step is a 2d interview with a co-founder, and an informal chat with the team, so you'll get the feeling of your future colleagues.

    We like what we do. A lot.
    We never give up and stay supportive towards each others
    We have a great ambition but stay humble working for it, working hard, focused on results
    We say what we do and do what we say
    Have fun during our monthly afterwork with the team
    Bringing cakes and cookies to start the week happily

    Tech stack

    PHP5/7, JS, json, Python, Scala, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Cloud, algorithms, machine learning
    Mediabong - Seminaire 2017 de Vuble. On se croirait aux Caraïbes ;-)
    Mediabong - Un peu de sport avant le réconfort
    Mediabong - Seminaire 2016 dans les vignes de Bourgogne
    Mediabong - La cantine / pièce à vivre chez Vuble