We deliver 3rd party AI algorithms to radiologists. Our goal is be the leading cloud marketplace for AI algorithms in medicine.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

    EnvoyAI began in January of 2016 when Steve, a Radiology resident, asked Misha, his cousin, for help training some machine learning algorithms. Misha and Steve soon began thinking that physicians with access to data would likely be interested in more user-friendly tools to better analyze their data and explore patterns using machine learning. With Steve’s feedback, Misha started working on an algorithm related to ICU medication administration. One algorithm showed fairly promising early results, but it was difficult to use and to share with others. Misha enlisted the help of Jake, an old frisbee teammate and experienced software engineer, to help solve the usability and sharing problem. Jake helped Misha host the algorithm online in a simple cloud-hosted API, and built a demo website to let people use the algorithm.

    Steve then showed the demo website to Dr. Eliot Siegel, who is the chair of the Radiology department at the VA in Baltimore and one of the most well respected people in the radiology informatics community. Dr. Siegel was very impressed with the algorithm and the hosting solution. With his support as an advisor we decided to start a company.

    While developing additional AI algorithms and contemplating our own go-to-market strategy, we came to the realization that marketing, sales, hosting, and integration processes are a huge barrier to entry for all medical AI algorithm developers seeking to commercialize their work. We changed focus because of this realization and became an algorithm platform company, to help solve these common translational problems for machine learning experts. During this time period we also added two additional world-class advisors: Dr Paul Chang, a successful entrepreneur and Vice Chair of Radiology Informatics at the University of Chicago; and Dr. Khan Siddiqui, a trusted expert in computer vision and technology in healthcare and CTO of higi.

    Most recently, EnvoyAI has been acquired by TeraRecon, the leading advanced visualization software company used by radiologists today. This strategic partnership allows EnvoyAI to operate as an entirely independent startup, while still receiving the wide-ranging advice, significant funding, marketing resources, large sales channels, regulatory support, and legitimacy that comes with a well-established parent company.

    Tech stack

    Kotlin, Typescript, NodeJS, React, Python, C++


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