Empowering hair stylists to sell directly to their clients with zero inventory on hand.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Clothing, Fashion, & Textile
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA

    About Mayvenn

    Mayvenn is quietly in the top 10 fastest growing e-commerce startups in Silicon Valley. We are transforming distribution in the $9Bn Black Hair Products market by empowering hair stylists to sell directly to their clients without the cost of inventory. We are the first and only company to bring this service to this unique and overlooked market, causing our growth to accelerate faster than we can keep pace.

    Our Ideal Candidates


    1) Looking for an EMAIL MARKETING MANAGER with a few years of experience creating email strategies that get results. Specifically, someone with knowledge of various email platforms, segmentation strategy, A/B testing and optimizing based on results, analytics, automation, and collaborating with various departments to creating the overall strategy, list management, and a handle on HTML and the technical side of this job.

    2) Searching for a PERFORMANCE MARKETING MANAGER who will be responsible for all aspects of launching and managing digital advertising campaigns: testing new ad channels, optimizing current campaigns, testing new targeting tactics, constant A/B testing & reporting, communicating results with the team. The ideal candidate needs to be quantitative, self-motivated, experimental, and creative. Aside from a strong background in performance marketing and a track record of driving revenue and growth, you should also have a start-up mentality: scrappy, self-sufficient, and able to learn and adapt quickly.

    You should...
    - Have a minimum of 3 years of consumer marketing experience, with a track record of driving revenue and traffic.
    - Be highly analytical and creative at the same time; you know your way around key marketing metrics, are an Excel and Google Analytics master, and know how to use Photoshop.
    - Have a proven track record of running successful paid ad campaigns on Google and Facebook at scale; experience with paid YouTube and Instagram campaigns

    If you're looking to work in a position where your efforts will directly have a significant impact on the company's growth and success, want to interact with amazing, talented people across all departments, and are excited by challenge, you should get in touch and meet the team.


    We are searching for adaptive and pragmatic engineers to join our team to build a distributed eCommerce system primarily written in Clojure. We value experience building in frameworks like Rails and a personal interest in building nimble services instead of a monolith app. Above all else, we’re looking for new team members that are eager to learn and create an elegant and effective distributed system.

    Experience in multiple languages is appreciated and experience (or interest is learning) Clojure is required.

    You should …
    - have experience building and deploying web applications to real users or customers
    - be excited about functional programming and specifically about learning Clojure
    - value testability and agile practices
    - be driven to solve business and customer problems, not just the technical implementation
    - have a collaborative demeanor

    Bonus point if you have …
    - DevOps experiencing running distributed systems and applications on AWS: Kafka, Consul, Cassandra, etc.
    - a preference for declarative and clear implementations over relying on convention or magic
    - a personal interest in moving beyond Rails

    Interview Process

    Round 1: Introductory phone call or meet in person
    Round 2: On site interview
    Round 3: Reference Check
    Round 4: Offer

    Why choose to work with us?

    • Spend your day with kind and respectful peers that value your contribution
    • Gain early influence over the platform we’ll build together

    It turns out that making simple products isn't easy -- that's why we need you. Please reach out if you're interested in working with us or are want to get to know us better.

    Tech stack

    Rails moving to micro services architecture with Clojure, ClojureScript front end, PostgreSQL and DynamoDB databases, Consul for service discovery, Kafka for internal message queue


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)