Organizing the world's business information so companies can spend more time focused on building the business relationships that matter.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    564 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

    About Us

    In March of 2013 our previous startup, Referly, had failed and we were back down to just the 3 founders. With $350K left of the $1 Million raised during Y Combinator, we had enough money to get another project off the ground. At first, we imagined building a “TechCrunch-killer” media business and living in a future where we would write about under-appreciated startups, analyze deals, and report on the dynamics of Silicon Valley and other startup ecosystems worldwide.

    Byproducts of work are a gold mine, and in the process of writing articles we created hundreds of spreadsheets to research markets, compare companies, and come up with unique angles. We compiled all our spreadsheets into a database, wired it up to a super-simple javascript table plugin and showed it to our investors. Not everyone got why this was so powerful, but for the handful of people who did the excitement was palpable, “can we use this right now?” they asked. And Mattermark was born.

    Mattermark started out as a tool for venture capitalists and other finance people who were interested in startups. The data we collect and growth signals we provide help them identify companies they could invest in. Along the way we've discovered an even bigger challenge: sales and marketing professionals are spending way too much time engaging with the wrong potential customers, and they need a way to focus their efforts, spend their budgets only on the right targets, and ultimately wind up in more highly qualified conversations with prospects.

    With more than 500 businesses using Mattermark, and $4 million per year in annual recurring revenue we are just at the beginning of building tools to solve this problem. We’re on a mission to create the definitive database of companies in the world, and combine it with the workflow tools and integrations customers need to choose their next customers. The age of "spray and pray" is over, and the opportunity to support account-based marketing and sales initiatives is huge and growing.

    Read more about our journey from restart to organizing the world's business information here...

    Interview Process

    We know that the best candidates have a lot of options, so we try to move as fast as possible and let you know where we're at right away. We never inject extra interviews at the 11th hour.

    Our process starts with a 30 minute phone call or coffee meeting. We'll tell you more about what we're up. The most important thing we want to learn is what your ideal next job is. We usually do a quick problem solving exercise using a real challenge we're facing that you'd be working on, so it's best if you have pen/paper and a quiet spot to chat with us.

    If that goes well, we'll give you a trial account to explore Mattermark. We'll schedule a Google Hangout to hear what you thought about the inside of the product: things you like, things you think need to be improved, and if it inspires you about something big you want to add. How you think about our customers and market and what gets you excited about connecting the day-to-day of our business to your own career ambitions, passions, and expertise.

    When everything still looks good, we do a set of 3-4 onsite interviews that will take above a 1/2 day to complete. You'll get to meet more people on the team and explore what it's really like to work here, tour the office, meet some folks in other teams, and generally get a sense for what we're all about. When the interviews are over we work very hard to get back to you no later than the day after with a clear result.


    One of our core values is "seek and share the truth". You can learn more about how we run the business and measure progress at

    Tech stack

    Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript, React, MySQL, ElasticSearch, AWS, Docker, Mesos


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
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    Life insurance
    Disability insurance
    Mattermark - A beautiful walk to work
    Mattermark - Dogs are like family... and North Beach is super walkable and full of parks!
    Mattermark - Team bonding adventures... on a boat!
    Mattermark - We celebrate Meatfest once a quarter!
    Mattermark - Two of the cofounders are married
    Mattermark - We love San Francisco, but we're not located in SOMA