Mason America

Automating massive Android mobile deployments: we're like AWS but for Android — think Mobile IaaS.

1-15 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Headquarters address
    2101 4th Ave STE 1550, Seattle, WA 98121

    Mason is transforming mobile deployments the same way AWS transformed website development, making it easy for anyone to turn an idea into a smart product and ship it to anywhere in the world.

    Our Product

    Our core product is mobile infrastructure-as-a-service. Think software and services to help companies deploy their own purpose-built device infrastructure – like AWS for mobile. By licensing our platform, companies never have to worry about hardware again.

    The software we’re building enables customers to effortlessly create, pilot, and launch custom devices, handle ongoing logistics, and manage their fleet. Our projects necessarily involve a variety of interesting and challenging work. A lot of our focus is around automation. Below is a selection of some of the fun challenges we work on:

    Android OS and Core Apps

    • Management and unification of multiple Android trees and integrating our core feature set across all of them
    • Integration of an Android build pipeline in our production workflow
    • On device apps/services for remote control, log retrieval, push notifications, secure data storage, certificates, etc.

    Developer productivity

    • Command line interface to a variety of platform functionality
    • Automated generation of documentation of hundreds of feature points within a large, evolving source tree
    • Zero touch provisioning — automation of the registration and customer-specific setup of devices at scale (e.g. turn on a device and watch it automatically transform into a custom bar code scanner device)

    Backend, Devops and Scaling:

    • Firmware and app update services to handle millions of devices over the next few years
    • Services to handle metrics, analytics, license management, audit events, etc.
    • Migration to containerization of all of our backend services


    • ReactJS dashboard to list and map large numbers of devices
    • Searching, tagging, drag and drop deployment support of devices
    • Device fulfilment dynamic charting
    • Tracking and visualizing live devices in the field

    Why Mason

    Our mission is to create a beautifully efficient world connected by billions of devices to work on behalf of humanity. Come build, influence, innovate and grow with us!

    Tech stack

    Android, Node.JS, AWS, Python, AOSP, Git, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker


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    Mason America - Company Photo
    Mason America - Company Photo
    Mason America - Company Photo
    Mason America - Company Photo
    Mason America - Company Photo