Help every hardworking beginner become a junior software developer and get a job in a matter of months.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    50-52 Commercial Street, London E1 6LT

    It shouldn't take a computer science degree and a five digit debt to learn how to code. It shouldn't be difficult to hire junior developers who can hit the ground running and deploy on day one. We started Makers Academy, a 12 week intensive, full-time coding bootcamp, to enable every beginner to learn to code and get a job as a junior developer in a matter of months at a fraction of the cost of a university.

    Since we started Makers Academy in 2013 we graduated over 250 developers who now work in Pivotal Labs, Thoughtworks, Sky, Springer, New Bamboo, Deloitte Digital, Ministry of Justice, and dozens of other great companies. However, our ambitions are much bigger. We want to enable hundreds of thousands beginners worldwide to become developers.

    To achieve this, we've been working on an online version of the bootcamp to launch next year. The goal is still the same: to help hardworking beginners get their first job as a junior software developer.

    We've raised a small seed round but worked hard to achieve profitability to be in control of our own destiny. We've been profitable since November 2013, only 9 months after we started teaching.

    We're looking for people who would like to reinvent tech education starting from the first principles. If you join us, you're likely be teaching in person, writing code, mentoring our students, preparing the curriculum and trying hard to figure out what's the fastest way to get a complete beginner up to speed.

    We've been working hard to build a transparent company. All data, including financials, board minutes, performance reviews, etc. is available to all permanent employees. This approach led us to a number of hard conversations and hurt egos but ultimately allowed us to build a great level us trust in each other.

    We're about to move into a beautiful XIX-century, Grade II listed office in the heart of Tech City, allowing us to expand and grow to new strengths. If you would like to meet us for an informal chat, just let us know: we're always happy to show everyone around our offices and show how we teach.

    Tech stack

    Ruby, Javascript, Sinatra, Heroku, Rails, Node.js
    MAKERS ACADEMY LIMITED - Our Chief Joy Officer makes sure that we practice yoga and meditate on a regular basis
    MAKERS ACADEMY LIMITED - Our students come from various backgrounds but they're all united by their burning desire to learn
    MAKERS ACADEMY LIMITED - We love to have fun as team :)
    MAKERS ACADEMY LIMITED - We love and preach pair programming and TDD