Maestro helps broadcasters build meaningful and productive experiences around their content using a suite of in-house tools to engage and monetize fans while capturing robust audience insights.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Video
  • Sports
  • Casinos & Gaming
  • Headquarters address
    12130 Millennium Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90094

    What We Do

    Maestro helps broadcasters build stronger relationships with their audiences using a suite of real-time engagement tools to generate revenue, capture data, and excite fans. Success is measured through a robust analytics dashboard with audience segmentation tools used to inform broadcast strategies and maximize ROI. Customers include Blizzard, Epic, Microsoft, Adobe, Sky Sports, The Grammys, Coachella and more.

    We are currently focused on solving pain points within the explosive eSports and gaming market (publishers, teams, and leagues) after developing strong case studies within other verticals.

    Who We Are

    We’re a hardworking, driven team with a passion for the digital broadcast industry. We’re committed to understanding and addressing industry pain points and take great pride in the product we are building to do so. We have a great set of Core Values that represent our work culture and we stick to them. Beyond work we’re real people who have become a family over the years. We like to play video games and drink beer on Fridays, send funny GIFs in slack, tell dad jokes, listen to Steve’s weekend adventures and go on team outings.

    Why Now?

    It's an incredible time to be working in live video. Over the last century most companies have become media companies, producing content--especially video content--more and more. We believe that in this next century most companies will become broadcasters as live content becomes intertwined with on-demand video strategies. Along with this trend, there is a new class of broadcasters emerging; it's not the traditional media broadcaster like CBS or NBC, and it's also not an individual Twitch, Periscope, or YouTube star. These new broadcasters--game publishers, eSports leagues and teams, music festivals, conferences, and so many more--are forging new broadcast strategies.

    Let's think about Netflix for a moment. This company has so much audience data that they are able to create content with a 90% success rate. Why is it that only big companies like Netflix have this kind of access?

    We work with our customers to figure out what kinds of questions they would like to be able to answer about their audience. Then we use those ideas to guide creation of features that add to the viewing experience while capturing the data. We fundamentally believe that empowering broadcasters with our new interactive channel experience will help maximize ROI and accelerate the proliferation of successful broadcaster businesses long into the future.

    How We Hire

    Engineering candidates start off with an informal phone conversation to assess fit. From there we typically conduct a quick and fun coding quiz to assess baseline skills. If we move forward, we'll schedule an in-person meeting out with the team so you can get to know everyone and get a better feel for the culture. After the meeting with engineering, there will usually be a final meeting with our CEO before finalizing an offer.

    Tech stack

    node.js, fastly, mongodb, SQL, firebase, github, css, React, React Native, Redux, Google Cloud Platform, Redis, Kubernetes, TypeScript, JavaScript


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