We're Shopify for Restaurants; an online ordering and loyalty SaaS platform where restaurants can make their own apps, websites and kiosks so that they can take back control of their digital presence.

Founded 2019
1-15 employees
  • Food & Drink
  • Headquarters address
    1216 Broadway, New York City, NY 10001

    Our team has worked together over the past 5 years on several different startups, ranging from College Social Medias to Boutique Agencies.

    After roughly a year apart and away from the "startup game", in the fall of last year, we came back together and asked what would be our next big venture.

    Lunchbox was born out of the fragmented and cut-throat restaurant industry. An industry where Grubhub and Uber Eats are taking 20-30% off the top of all orders, and restaurateurs are struggling to make any money. Companies like Sweetgreen spend over $1 million dollars in building their platforms, working with multiple different partners to make it happen. The average time to get one's own online ordering platform up and running can take 4-8+ months, with every deadline being missed.

    So in starting Lunchbox, we quickly found our mission: To make building a restaurant online ordering site as affordable as possible and as painless as possible. This means we needed our sites to be rapidly launchable, and since our inception we've gotten that timeline down to 2 weeks. In the coming months, restaurateurs will be able to launch their own online ordering site in an evening.

    Think about Lunchbox as a box of tools, all the essentials for a restaurant to get up and running digitally. Whether it be email marketing, loyalty, customer feedback, payment processing, and much more.

    We've enlisted brands like Bareburger, 16 Handles, and Sticky's Finger Joint since we launched in February 2019. Our team is 10 members full-time and growing along with our client list. We're super excited to be inviting more people to join us on our mission to bring control back into the hands of Restaurateurs.

    Tech stack

    MERN Stack, MongoDB, Express, React, Node.JS, JavaScript, AWS, EC2, Amazon S3, Mongoose, Swift, Java


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    Paid time off
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