Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Headquarters address
    30 West 26th, New York, NY

    The initial concept for the company materialized in 2015 when Co-founders Ely Greenberg and Shane Eten were working on an unrelated grant project for Columbia University's Technology Ventures Group. They had initially met when Ely’s waterstat.us won a hackathon for Shane’s BigApps idea "Let's build an app to make NYC’s water system 100% transparent".

    Today, team Lōtik is comprised of individuals with a unique combination of skills and experience who all agree on a shared philosophy – the belief that water is our most valuable resource and with the use of advanced sensor, communication, and data technologies, we will identify and capitalize on the water efficiency opportunity.

    As a portfolio company of Samsung Next Lōtik has enjoyed the autonomy every startup needs and the resources all entrepreneurs dream about. We'd like to say a huge thank you to Samsung Next for providing the support we needed to build a great team, develop a revolutionary product, and achieve substantial market traction. We are incredibly appreciative to have grown up in the accelerator environment...and we're not going far! We are thrilled that Samsung is allowing us to stay on in their space, and we'll continue to call the Flatiron District home for the foreseeable future.

    It's truly exciting to think about the amount of water and money that will be saved as Lōtik continues to scale. Wireless water efficiency driven by data is now a reality.

    Tech stack

    C, Python, Django, AWS, Lamda, Kinesis


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