Redefining security intelligence by capturing, automating and applying human expertise and intelligence to billions of security events that enterprises generate everyday.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    154 E Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
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    Start with the problem our target customers face: What is it?

    Fewer than 1% of organizations have the expertise and resources to build detection and incident response playbooks, or to keep pace with the fast evolving threat landscape. In today's hostile security environment, corporate breaches go undiscovered for an average of 146 days, largely due to the fact that companies are over-reliant on SIEMs and other traditional tools. Nascent artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can't yet solve for the gaps left by SIEMs and organizations are further hampered by extreme cybersecurity talent shortages.

    How is LogicHub the solution?

    LogicHub is developing the first software that automates human knowledge and expertise with the help of machine learning. With this innovative approach, the company is closing the gap that SIEMs can't fill, keeping human intelligence at the core of its automation solution, and addressing talent shortages by multiplying the power of every cyber analyst tenfold.

    Founded Jan 2016, we are reshaping the Security Intelligence landscape by creating an intelligence automation platform with an incredible team. Our team has 15+ years of experience building products in the security space from companies like ArcSight and Sumo Logic.

    There are two really interesting technical challenges here - massive data processing and intelligence automation. Typically enterprises generate terabytes of security data every day from applications, devices, systems and so on. In order to detect an advanced threat in this sea of data, our systems need to be very performant and scalable. We are always looking at the latest technologies in the data processing space to solve this.

    You are a strong software engineer who is passionate about large-scale systems. You care about producing clean, elegant, maintainable, robust, well-tested code; you do this as a member of a team, helping the group come up with a better solution than you would as individuals. Ideally, you have experience with performance, scalability, and reliability issues of 24x7 commercial services.

    Tech stack

    Scala, Spark, HDFS, Machine Learning, React, Postgres


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