A London fintech company on a mission to change the way $5 Trillion a day is traded.

Founded 2010
51-200 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    1A Nicholas Road, Notting Hill Gate, London

    Who are we?

    We are a financial technology company that builds and runs our own high performance, ultra low latency exchange platforms in London, New York and Tokyo. We're known in the foreign exchange (FX) industry for being uncompromising, opinionated and absolutely in favour of a transparent, level playing field between buy and sell side.

    We're the only company to be regulated as an MTF by the UK Financial Conduct Authority in the FX space and we're

    The quality of our people, our culture and our technology are core to our ability to solve some of the most interesting and challenging finance and technology problems and make a real difference. Our team has already won many tech and industry awards and although we're already leaders in the fintech revolution we've barely started out on our journey to become the #1 FX venue.

    Tech wise we're full company agile - the developers learn infrastructure and low latency tuning, the operations guys code and write tests and we do devops to the limit of what the views of 'best practice' held by our auditors will allow us to get away with. Commercial guys work alongside us to determine what we're doing next and how we solve our business problems together.

    Many people have been here for some time - its always the best place anyone has worked, and we take care to cultivate our way of working and tech culture of openness, blameless retrospectives and continuous improvement. We're fans of open source and corporately and individually contribute to opensource projects, foundations and companies, as well as running our own opensource projects.

    In short, we run this place the way things should be run :-).

    Tech stack

    Java, Linux, Low Latency hardware, Javascript, Test Driven Development, Devops, Continuous Integration


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