Levelpath, Inc.

Setting the new standard for enterprise procurement

Founded 2022
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
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    San Francisco, CA

    Let’s start with a bit of background on the problem we want to solve. Our founding team has been building procurement software for a long time (almost a decade) and have seen the industry drastically grow and improve. We have also witnessed an explosion of best of breed and suite software providers offering to help solve the many problems faced by procurement teams, all of which have merit.

    Despite the glut of applications, and also because of it, companies struggle tremendously with their supplier data. Pieces of it live in the ERP, P2P, S2P, CLM, GRC and many other TLAs (three letter acronym) delineated tools. These tools rarely talk to one another, even when offered by the same provider. Despite huge investments made by customers and software providers, procurement leaders still scramble to get the data they need from all of the silos to help their business smoothly run.

    Consequently, the fragmented nature also makes it hard for stakeholders to actually know what is happening with their requests when engaging the procurement organization. Figuring out how even to start a request for a supplier related activity can be a very confusing process in most companies.

    In our industry there is no single place for stakeholders to go to engage procurement and no single source to combine that supplier data. Our vision is for Levelpath to become the front door for the procurement organization while building a modern Supplier System of Record.

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    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, GraphQL, React, React Native, AWS, REST, PostgreSQL, Docker, MySQL, Django, Github, JIRA


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