LEARN academy

LEARN academy is a 16-week bootcamp that includes a guaranteed internship. Our mission is to grow the local tech community by providing innovative and flexible web development training.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    704 J St. San Diego 92104

    People usually find their way to LEARN because they are unfulfilled in some way. They might be feeling bored, unsatisfied, or stagnant in their current career path. We love being such a key element in their journey. We provide them with the opportunities to grow, learn, and move toward an incredible career where they feel empowered and valued. Nothing in life comes easily, and they know that they are taking a risk in making such a big move and we honor that by working tremendously hard to ensure that they are getting the most out of their time here with us.

    We love to spend time with our community of tech companies, students, and alumni - some of whom work at companies like Facebook and HP. What do we teach our students? Everything listed on the right & more! We have a great rotating cast of speakers who come to share on topics like the art of negotiation, and what it takes to be a digital nomad.

    We are a team of enthusiastic and committed developers who deliver mindful, immersive, and hands-on education in a high-tech environment. We are committed to developers training the next generation of developers.

    Tech stack

    Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Postgresql, React, Nodejs


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    LEARN academy - Company Photo
    LEARN academy - Staff celebrating one of our graduating classes!