Kranze Technology Solutions

Kranze Technology Solutions, Inc. is a defense industry specializing in Infrared Countermeasures (IRCM) systems, digital interoperability and networking, and program support for the military

Founded 2008
16-50 employees
  • Aviation & Space
  • Headquarters address
    742 Pinecrest Drive, Prospect Heights, IL 60070, USA

    Kranze Technology Solutions, Inc. (KTS) specializes in Infrared Countermeasures (IRCM) systems, digital interoperability, tactical networking, and program support for the US Navy, US Marine Corps, and SOCOM.

    In the 2000s, several military aircraft were being shot down by surface to air missiles. The defense department scoured the industry to seek out infrared countermeasure systems that would defeat these missiles and protect our troops. The military rapidly equipped aviation platforms with an advanced infrared countermeasure system, but were in need of subject matter experts that could lead the evaluation and testing of these new and highly complex defensive systems.

    With that, KTS was built from the ground up in 2008 to solve the customer's problems. KTS rolled in with a passion and desire to support the Warfighter and worked tirelessly to test and improve those systems that protect our troop's lives.

    KTS flourished leading multiple lab and field test events of infrared countermeasure systems and deploying to Afghanistan in support of these systems for the Warfighters. KTS rapidly developed and delivered data instrumentation systems and test fixtures in support of many of these events.

    Leveraging this unique IRCM technical experience, KTS soon solved other customer problems and grew into developing and delivering solutions for digital interoperability, tactical networking, and ventures in the commercial space.

    As KTS continued to move into solving battlespace problems, the team realized that only so much could be tested in the lab and needed an airborne platform. Leveraging the team's aircraft integration skills, the team rapidly procured and modified a Cessna Grand Caravan (KTS1) to serve as a flight test bed to support the government and industry testing needs.

    KTS continues to expand with our team of industry leaders in infrared countermeasures, missile warning, aircraft integration, systems integration, and digital interoperability. The KTS team still operates with the same passion, adaptability, and determination to support the customer and Warfighter that Dr. Richard Kranze instilled when founding the company.

    Tech stack

    Java, Android, Mac OS X, Vxworks, Microsoft Windows, C, C++, Python, Shell scripting, Linux/Unix, Qt, OpenGL, JAVA, iOS


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