Kik Interactive

We're levelling the playing field through chat and crypto!

Founded 2009
51-200 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    420 Weber Street North, Waterloo, ON N2L 4E7, Canada

    Kik connects the world through chat. Kik is a chat platform with millions of active users where people can chat with friends and connect with chat-based services. Founded in 2009, Kik Interactive, Inc. is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, with offices in Toronto, New York and Tel Aviv. For more information, please visit

    In May 2017 we announced the creation of Kin; a cryptocurrency that brings together a broad group of participants to create an open ecosystem of digital services, prioritizing consumer experience and choice. Implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, Kin will serve as the basis of interoperability within the Kin Ecosystem. In September we raised over $100 million USD through an initial coin offering. We're now looking for talented developers who believe in the transformative power of digital currency and want to help make our vision a reality!

    For more information, please go to

    Tech stack

    iOS, Android, Java, Python, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5, CSS3, Puppet, AWS, Nagios, Jenkins, Cassandra, Redis, ZooKeeper, MySQL


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    Catered lunches
    Kik Interactive - Every once in a while, our team likes to step back, take a break, and do something crazy. ATVing, skeet shooting, canoeing, and archery are only the beginning of the thrill seeking activities we bonded over.