Opening soon, KIDLY will help new parents' discover the best things for their baby. Funded by James Hart, 1st employee ASOS, KIDLY aims to be mum's first choice for all things baby.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    Victoria Square, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 3TF, UK

    A little bit about KIDLY


    The Problem

    It’s so hard buying for baby, especially as a new parent. There’s too much stuff out there and not enough good advice. Current one-stop-shops are staid and overwhelming. Its not fun and we don’t have the time. And so we end up settling; settling on average products that all seem to be beige. #sadface

    Our Solution

    Yet….There are lots of new parents out there who all feel the same and they can be reached, because they are all online. There is lots of great stuff out there too, from big brands to independents, from the UK and abroad, that are not only useful but look great too.
    What if someone can help me find what I need, make it effortless and fun, so I end up with great products that look great, and I have my time back? #tearsofjoyface

    Meet Kidly

    • The best stuff for baby - across all categories – always genuinely useful; always design-led. Leading brands, new & exciting brands and our Own Label.

    • By Parents for Parents – built by parents; all product tested by parents.

    • An Effortless Experience - Fast & Reliable Delivery, Free Returns & Real-Time Help

    Our ambition?

    To be UK parents' first port of call when shopping for baby

    The Platform

    To achieve our vision we’re building our own platform, because KIDLY is much more than a shop. Or rather, we believe a shop these days is much more than categories, products and a basket. The experience parents need to help them discover the best stuff for baby is one where they can connect with parents like them, where they can read articles to help them make their decisions and where they can effortlessly shop on the go (or not). So, our mobile-first platform is an eCommerce First in that we are building a social, editorial and e-commerce platform, through the users eyes, from the ground up.

    So, who is this this ambitious bunch?

    KIDLY Team

    KIDLY is founded by James Hart, a former director (and the very first employee!) of ASOS. James lives and breathes eCommerce and is incredibly passionate about providing the very best service possible for his customers.To make KIDLY happen he assembled a core team of ten who are now working tirelessly to bring KIDLY to the market.

    You can read about us here:

    Our Culture

    • We’re a Family – we’re all in it together; by parents for parents
    • We are our Values – Fun, Friendly, Helpful, Honest
    • We Give Everything (for our customers) – always improving; ‘every pixel counts’
    • We Give Back – for every lucky baby our customer is buying for, there is someone in need of even the basic things just to survive; we cannot stand by.

    Where are we?

    We are based in St Albans, directly opposite the station. The journey is 1 stop (17 mins) from St Pancras, then a 1 minute walk. We love it here; we are out of the Smoke but with easy access to it. And St Albans is a great city; we are 10 minute walk from the city centre which has everything from high street shops to indies and food from Carluccios to Wagamamas and everything in between (Oh, and an awesome food market every Wednesday.)

    Tech stack

    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, .NET 4.6, MVC5, C#, RavenDb, SQL Server, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage, Web Jobs, Slack, AppVeyor, Git (BitBucket), Trello
    KIDLY Ltd - We're a family. We're friendly, fun and united in our mission! We always have a Spotify playlist on, we often all pop out for lunch together.
    KIDLY Ltd - Company Photo
    KIDLY Ltd - We'll be selling the best baby brands but also our colourful an vibrant own-label. Here's a peek of our bedding range.