Using data, we can understand the unique needs and abilities of each student and help guide them to succeed.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    1010 Doyle Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

    We operate in a studio-model approach, where we identify business opportunities within the K-12 sector and quickly develop solutions to improve marketplace efficiencies. You will be working on cutting-edge solutions that use data-analytic services to improve learning outcomes. We currently have 2 public business units and more that in development.

    Junyo Corporate site: http://www.junyo.com
    Junyo Learning Streams: http://preview.junyo.com/
    Junyo EdLights: http://www.edlights.com

    Junyo’s Mission: We leverage the power of data and analytics to improve learning processes.

    After 2 decades of untold expense and hard work, math and reading scores in the United States have barely improved.

    Schools most often measure student learning with report-card grades, district assessments and standardized testing. These measurements are infrequent, rarely combined in useful ways, and often not available in time to guide instruction.

    There’s a better way. It’s called Junyo.

    Our premise is straightforward: we’re committed to improving the educational marketplace and ultimately the individual learning process.

    Big Data and Real-Time Learning Analytics
    We deeply believe real-time data analytics must play a critical role in 21st century education. The products we are developing will enable participants across the educational sector to develop better solutions that improve the overall educational experience. Our experience building blended-learning platforms for leading K5 schools provides us unique teacher and classroom insights. Our EdLights market-intelligence platforms empowers publishers and educational suppliers to deliver the right solution to the right schools at the right time. Our Junyo Learning Streams harnesses the enormous amount of data now available to students and helps them make sense of it through curated content and unique playlists. The result will be measurable classroom improvement, higher motivation and greater market efficiency.

    Junyo Believes Data Analytics Will:

    • Deliver real-time feedback across the educational sector to help deliver solutions that will positively impact learning
    • Empower suppliers, administrators, and schools to evaluate the effectiveness of their solutions and stay focused on improving student learning results
    • Determine opportunities and pinpoint areas of needed change and guide resource allocation
    • Confirm or discredit assumptions about districts, schools, school practices and student results

    Tech stack

    Ruby, Java, Python, Rest, Ajax


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    Junyo - CEO Steve discusses learning
    Junyo - Happy Holidays everyone!
    Junyo - Team Junyo!
    Junyo - One of our learning solutions is deployed in Thailand (http://preview.junyo.com)
    Junyo - Holiday Party!!
    Junyo - Let's improve education!  These Twitter handles are posted all over the walls at San Francisco Unified School District.
    Junyo - Hard at work!
    Junyo - We're in beautiful downtown Menlo Park.  Just 1 block from Caltrain
    Junyo - We're in downtown Menlo Park.  Just 1 block from Caltrain
    Junyo - Company Photo
    Junyo - Georgia Governor candidate Jason Carter visits Junyo
    Junyo - CEO Steve talks to college graduate students
    Junyo - Company Photo
    Junyo - Company Photo
    Junyo - Company Photo
    Junyo - CEO Steve and Magic Johnson
    Junyo - Talking education with California Lt Gov Gavin Newsom
    Junyo - Company Photo