june20, inc.

reinventing retail--bringing the best of online e-commerce to real world retail.

  • Founded 2014
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Consumer Mobile

About june20, inc.

Our Platform

At June20 we are building three things. First, a content-delivery platform for mobile based, immersive, experience using the newest web-based technologies, standards, and novel UX concepts supporting environments which are sometimes, but not always, online. Along with this we are providing an engagement analytics platform to provide actionable intelligence.

Second, a media creation studio for immersive, context aware content and experience. Think of a digital saatchi and saatchi!

Third, a hardware platform using iPads (for now), custom enclosures with integrated optics, lighting, and power systems, context awareness, and a rail mobility system to put our devices in places where they can interact with physical objects not just from one location but while moving among them.

Target Market

Areas of application span the gamut from museums, advertising campaigns, retail installations, and more. The customers we are initially focused on are in the retail space, where there is an opportunity to address the flight of consumers from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce. It's a problem that large, profitable retailers are desperate to address and with a growth profile which is very attractive. A single contract with a major retailer can establish the company's immediate profitability. T his is a very real, high-value (Costco does twice as much business, every day, as Amazon), market begging for a solution, and a wonderful first entry-point for our technology.

But getting into such retailers is difficult. We have a secret advantage:

Our "Parent"

June20 is the brainchild, a spinoff, and being funded by, a successful, nimble, 30-person, category display company doing massive business with 70 high-tech brands and retailers. They have reputation, trust, experience, and a brilliant salesforce. They have a huge installed base at most major retailers for which our product is a high-value add-on.

Retail today is losing ground to online for many reasons, and is in crisis. A lot of money is looking to be spent to solve that problem. June20 redefines the role of retail locations and bring to them the best of web-based experience, marketing, and marketplace, in the service of consumers, brands, and retailers.

The Team

We have a team with a great track-record in Computer Science research, academia, and business, including multiple IPOs and exits, and experience building real-time, distributed, and content delivery systems at the highest level. Coupled with the market development, sales efforts, and channels of our parent company, we're poised to achieve quick success and impact.

We are looking for

We're a startup. We are looking for talented, hard charging folks who can help us achieve this vision, and who are eager to work at all levels of the company tackling problems intelligently.

We are looking for top-notch Javascript, Node, Angular, IOS, Android developers and UX,Web interaction and content designers.

If you're looking to get in on the ground floor in a company with great success and growth potential and eager to roll up your sleeves, we want to talk!

marc meyer, ceo/cto

a prototype of our product
june20, inc. - a prototype of our product
another instantiation
june20, inc. - another instantiation
Our office. And our bar.
june20, inc. - Our office.  And our bar.
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Tech Stack
  • Angular JS
  • IOS
  • Node.js

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  • flexible remote work.

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