Journera is a travel technology startup developing a data platform that connects airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other industry participants.

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, & Hospitality
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    Chicago, IL

    Who are we

    Journera is a travel technology startup developing a data platform for the travel industry. We're a team that has been involved in some of the biggest changes in travel over the past decade (including our CEO, the founding CEO of Orbitz) and we're a team of entrepreneurs that has multiple successful startup exits under our belt. We're growing fast and are excited to drive the next wave of innovation in the travel industry.

    What are we

    Today, in a world where data is increasingly the currency in which companies do business, travel data is still under-leveraged and under-valued. We're building the platform that will allow travel providers, marketers and application developers to fuel a new wave of innovation that will make the traveler experience richer and more seamless. The core of our platform is our Global Experience Record (GXR) which takes a 360° view of the traveler’s journey, and the data that goes along with it. Beyond that, we provide a standards-based architecture for data exchange, and services for our customers based on the data that flows through our platform

    What are we looking for

    We're looking for people who are as bright, motivated, innovative and fun as we are to join our team. If you want to learn more check out our website, or give us a holler!

    Tech stack

    Go, Python, AWS


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
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