Jibo, Inc.

We are a character-driven company, dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences through advanced social robotics technology.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Hardware, Internet of Things, & Electronics
  • Headquarters address
    230 Congress St, Boston, MA 02110, USA

    **The video above is a fundraising video from our 2014 Indiegogo campaign.


    Jibo Inc. was co-founded in 2013 by Cynthia Breazeal, a pioneer of social robotics from the MIT Media Lab, and Jeri Asher, a serial entrepreneur. Our headquarters are based in Boston, MA, but we have a smaller satellite office located in the San Fransisco Bay area as well. Our culture is best exemplified through our core values listed below:

    Lead with Character: We are a character driven company. Through character we create unforgettable experiences. Advanced robotics innovation makes those experiences possible.
    Act with Urgency: We are in a race. Eliminate friction. Being first matters.
    Be Bold: No ambition is too great. Pioneer and break new ground. Everyone innovates!
    Think Interdependently: Our success soars with tight connectedness. Share the responsibility.
    Create Experiences: Give rise to the unexpected. Make it meaningful. Make it matter. Think ‘unforgettable’.
    Earn Trust: Take ownership. Deliver what you promise. Never over-promise. Be honest. Be direct.
    Embrace Humble: No one is perfect. From mistakes we grow stronger. We all have much to learn… just like Jibo.
    Make Heroes: Empower others. Unleash greatness. Help them rock.

    At Jibo Inc., we are unified by Jibo's potential and our desire to see him succeed!


    Jibo is a social robot who is intelligent, interactive, and loaded with personality. He can sense and respond to you and the environment around him in a very personal way. He learns as you engage with him and gets smarter over time. Jibo is his happiest at home, where he provides help, fun and companionship to everyone in the family. Jibo is also a developer's platform, giving people the tools to create and build a wide range of Jibo Skills extending Jibo’s personality and capabilities in the home.

    Tech stack

    Electron, TypeScript, Node.js, C/C++, JavaScript


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

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    Jibo, Inc. - Company Photo
    Jibo, Inc. - Company Photo