Jet is the smartest way to shop and save on pretty much anything.

Founded 2014
51-200 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    Hoboken, NJ

    Who We Are

    Jet’s mission is to become the smartest way to shop and save on pretty much anything. Combining a revolutionary pricing engine, a world-class technology and fulfillment platform, and incredible customer service, we’ve set out to create a new kind of e-commerce. At Jet, we’re passionate about empowering people to live and work brilliant.

    What We're Made Of

    We’re building a new kind of company, and we’re building it from the inside out, which means that investing in hiring, developing, and retaining the brightest minds in the world is a top priority. Everything we do is grounded in three simple values: trust, transparency, and fairness. From our business model to our culture, we live our values to the extreme, whether we’re dealing with employees, retail partners, or consumers. We believe that happiness is the highest level of success and we want every person that crosses paths with Jet to achieve it.

    We’re building a team that’s 100% dedicated to our mission. We look for people who embody these ten traits:
    - Be Kind: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Was, is, and always will be the golden rule.
    - Have an Open Mind: There are thousands of ways to solve the same problem. Don’t be afraid to try a new one out.
    - Assume at Best: You found your beloved sandwich smushed in the work fridge? Most likely it was unintentional.
    - Be Driven: Find what motivates you and run with it. A great team can elevate you, but in the end, only you hold the keys to your internal drive.
    - Inspire Passion: Put your heart into everything you do and inspire others do the same. In other words, be an All-Star.
    - Be Audacious: Push the boundaries that others create, challenge norms that others accept, and reach for goals that others think are unreachable.
    - Work your Mind: You’ve got a brain atop those shoulders. Dive into tough problems and rely on the powers of creativity and intuition to find a solution.
    - Get Stuff Done: Talking the talk is cool but walking the walk is what really counts. If you see a task that needs doing, go after it.
    - Stay Involved: Embrace scrappiness (we’ve got lots of it) and adapt quickly to change. Pitch in, regardless of job description.
    - Keep Improving: We’ve all got our own weaknesses. Learn to recognize yours (not your colleagues’) and keep working on improving.

    Tech stack

    Java - Android, iOS, .NET, F#, Git, Docker, Consul, Jenkins, Puppet, AWS, Azure, Scala, Apache Big Data Suite, Javascript


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)

    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals