Self-learning services that derive intelligence from customer support interactions between agents and customers.

Founded 2006
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    Washington, DC

    Customer service comes into being out of necessity- if something breaks, it needs to be fixed. And while exceptional customer service used to be a nice perk, it's now becoming the driving force behind customer loyalty. provides a platform for cementing that loyalty via all the digital channels of communication between a company and their customers. Companies can now delight their customers because our platform learns what they need. As the platform gains “experience,” the company gains happy customers.

    IT-Service is a suite of cloud-based services that derives intelligence from customer support operations. Built on a self- learning platform, IT-Service analyzes your help-desk ticketing system and your knowledge base and learns from the actions of support agents as they resolve customers’ problems, and as customers resolve their own problems via self-help. IT-Service then applies that experience to future problems, substantially improving customer support and success.

    Interested so far? Here's what we like to see in people:

    1. You love technology. You're a life-long learner, not necessarily because you need to earn a paycheck, but simply because you think technology is cool. You're a tinkerer. You spend spare moments of your time thinking about how to build the better mousetrap. You get excited at the thought of using the latest technology to solve really big problems.

    2. You get stuff done. You focus on practical, concrete solutions to business-driven engineering problems. You have a proven track record of quality and timely execution.

    3. You thrive in a fast-paced startup environment. You are able to quickly adapt in response to business needs. You're a generalist who's not afraid to try lots of different things. You like it when you are trusted to solve problems with little or no direction. You find satisfaction in being playing a critical role in the success of a business.

    Tech stack

    Tomcat/Spring MVC/DB web tier Solr/Lucene search backend Hadoop batch processing pipeline Proprietary machine learning algorithms for text mining RESTful API Spring, Groovy, Grails SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL