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  • Founded 2007
  • 16-50 Employees
  • 16-30 Engineers
  • Enterprise Software

About ipSCAPE

Let's start with the very beginning...

Every company does interact with its clients. It can be for selling services or supporting the services which have been sold! Pretty sure you have already communicated to a customer service through a chat session or a call as an example.

Those interactions are key for a business. They directly drive the customer appreciation of the quality of the service but can also generate sells!

The traditional way to handle those interactions is to place servers on-site which will manage the incoming and outgoing calls. The issue with this approach is that this is really expensive, and you also get to use obsolete features...

You said Contact Centre As A Service?

ipSCAPE provide the tool which allow any organisation to manage incoming calls, outbound calls, email, chat, putting the CRM system as the centre of the customer journey through API integration, all in the cloud!
In a nutshell we offer a multi-tenants services which provides more features for less money!

Sounds cool but what's the challenge?

Managing more than 1 million interactions every month is a challenge, especially when we are talking about live interactions! Whatever we deliver our service from Sydney, Jakarta, Hong-Kong it has to be as perfect as possible as it directly impact the business operation of our clients.

Looking for a career?

Well, pretty much all of our senior management comes from internal staff promoted. You have the drive, you have the idea, you have the attitude? We give you the opportunity...

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Tech Stack
  • angular.js
  • java
  • php
  • javascript
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • elasticsearch
  • asterisk
  • freeswitch
  • kamailio
  • puppet
  • docker
  • pipelines
  • linux
  • centos
  • zabbix
  • graylog
  • new relic
  • haproxy
  • cloudstack
  • KVM
  • AWS

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