To create software solutions which help to transform the insurance industry using innovative technology

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address

    We are well-funded insurtech in central London that is hiring a brand new team to build a marketplace for insurance.

    You will be working with the latest technologies (Blockchain, React, NodeJS, OrientDB) and passionate colleagues that aim to be the best. We are already funded and want to create an amazing environment to work in. As a core member of our team you will have a big influence on the company's future and culture. It all starts with you.

    iXledger was founded in London in 2017. The concept came from Ingemar Svensson, who was working with various insurance clients who frequently brought up blockchain and the idea of an alternative marketplace. Shortly after, iXledger engaged a large reinsurance company in London who agreed to further explore how this platform could improve security, administration and cost.

    Ingemar Svesson (CEO): Before founding iXledger, Ingemar was the CTO of Risk and Valuation at SunGard Asset Management.
    Cristina Dolan (President US): Cristina is an MIT Media Lab alumna and Internet pioneer with over two decades of experience building software, content, and Internet based businesses.
    Mikael Olofsson (President EMEA): Mikael has over 17 years experience from the financial markets and start-up sector.

    Please read more at: http://www.ixledger.com

    Tech stack

    React, Node Express, OrientDB, Etherium Blockchain, Solidity, Angular