imgix improves the quality and delivery of every image online. We are building the graphics card for the internet.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    423 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

    imgix is real-time image resizing as a service.

    The Problem

    The boundaries of the Internet are moving beyond the desktop computer into tablets, mobile phones, televisions, smart-watches, cars, and every other electronic medium imaginable. It is becoming impossible to predict the context in which your content may be viewed. This creates a major problem for web images as they require special preparation and optimization to be displayed properly in each situation.

    The Solution

    imgix solves this problem by providing a service that makes all of your images responsive. With imgix, you get the power and flexibility of responsive images without having to build the complex infrastructure it takes to support them. Simply configure where your images live and then use the domain we provide you with to access them. Getting started is that easy.

    Company Background

    Our company was founded in 2012; our CEO, Chris Zacharias, was developing a lightweight video player for YouTube when he came up with the idea for imgix. He went through Y Combinator shortly thereafter, and imgix was born. We are a small, but growing team of passionate folks looking to change how the internet sees visual content. Our team comes from companies like Google, Xerox, Foursquare, and Dropbox, and we work with companies like Zillow, Kickstarter, Eventbrite, and The Guardian. Every day at imgix is an opportunity to be a part of something great, and we're looking for some dedicated team members to help bring us there.


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    imgix - Showing off a new shipment of T-shirts.
    imgix - An article about how we rack Mac Pros made was the cover story of the July 2015 Hacker Monthly. Shiny.
    imgix - We do our best to get outside. Here's some of the team at the Plank in Oakland.
    imgix - We take pride in the work we do, especially our hardware.
    imgix - Company Photo
    imgix - One of our Mac Pros getting ready to go into production. Yes, we are on a first-name basis with everyone at the Apple store.