Huckleberry Insurance

We are rebuilding the entire small business insurance experience from the ground up on a foundation of technology, user experience, and data science.

Founded 2017
16-50 employees
  • Insurance
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA
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    We built Huckleberry with the belief that costs can be lowered, risk better analyzed and customer experience dramatically improved by building our company on a foundation of code. We stand apart from traditional and online competitors because of our willingness to unravel large and complex processes and develop them into elegant and usable digital solutions.

    We recently closed an $18 million Series A backed by Tribe Capital, Uncork Capital, Crosslink Capital, and an amazing group of tier-one angels (including the founders of Tinder, Postmates, and Handy amongst others).

    Our Thoughts on Development

    • We are big fans of TDD and really reap the benefits of moving fast with the minimal worry of unintended side effects.
    • While we spend most of our day in JS, we spend a decent amount of effort utilizing some spectacular ML to augment various aspects of our on-boarding and operations flows.
    • We utilize the majority of modern React design principles to build best in the breed, sustainable, composable, and idiomatic code.
    • We are focused on building world-class user experiences and are willing to put the engineering effort behind seemingly simple user conveniences that reduce friction.
    • We don’t build in silos and encourage feedback from our peers. Nobody in the organization is immune to a PR review.
    • Usability isn’t just for our app’s user experience. We believe that philosophy transcends down to ‘how’ we build things as well.

    Tech stack

    AWS, Node.JS, React, HapiJS, PostgreSQL, Redux, Docker, Python, Next.js, Storybook


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    Huckleberry Insurance - Telling the Huckleberry story on the main stage @ WebSummit
    Huckleberry Insurance - Company Photo
    Huckleberry Insurance - Company Photo
    Huckleberry Insurance - Company Photo
    Huckleberry Insurance - Company Photo
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