We help students, teachers and schools throw away their textbooks by producing awesome online video courses.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    215/22-36 Mountain St, Ultimo NSW 2007, Australia

    What we do:

    Remember how your high school math class was kinda boring? ...well we fixed it.

    Atomi makes learning way more interesting for students and helps teachers deliver amazing lessons beyond the classroom. That means less time studying and more time for problem solving, assignments and individualised attention - the stuff that really matters.

    Atomi is a rapidly growing and well backed startup delivering millions of lessons each year in everything from Advanced Mathematics to World History.

    How we Interview and Hire

    We'll kick things off by reaching out for a quick phone interview. This helps us get to know more about each other, better understand what you're looking for and gives us an opportunity to discuss the role. Generally this stage has a strong focus on checking if you might be their right cultural fit for our team.

    If we get along great, then we'll look to schedule a time technical screen (for engineering roles) or a time to take a deep dive into your resume and experience (for business roles) when it's mutually convenient.

    Finally we'll bring you for an interview at our office where you'll meet some senior members of our team and at least one of our founders. If all goes well we'll make you an offer!

    Tech stack

    React, Laravel, ES6, AWS, LAMP


    Compensation and retirement

    Pension plan
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - We've got some pretty sweet offices in Sydney.
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - We'll set you up with the equipment of your choice
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - We party hard.
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - On Fridays we have team lunches
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - Company Photo
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - Company Photo
    HSCTUTE OPS CO PTY. LTD. - Company Photo