Honeycomb TV

Honeycomb are building a next generation media delivery network for broadcast and online. Our platform enables faster delivery and better collaboration for brands, broadcasters and everyone in between

Founded 2015
51-200 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    The Smokery, 2-6 Greenhill Rents, London, EC1M 6BW, United Kingdom

    Honeycomb is a smart and supportive company, building technology which is causing a bit of a rumpus in the old-fashioned world of advertising. As part of Honeycomb you’ll have a chance to join a company that is not only revolutionising the existing space, but is also taking massive strides to change the way that advertising is consumed and delivered globally.

    Smarter Together

    While the word agile is only slightly more overloaded and misused than the word 'refactoring' if you unpack it you find some things that really work and that we put at the heart of our practice.

    What does this mean in practice?

    Start with Why
    Specification by Example
    Test Driven Development
    Small batch sizes
    Limiting work in progress
    Fast feedback
    Continuous learning
    What else?

    We are currently rebuilding the platform as we evolve from start-up mode into something new. Part of this change is handing over ownership of the code and the deployment pipeline to individuals in the team.

    We're looking for people to join us who are excited by creating something from scratch, and enjoy finding the best solution to hard problems. We're not precious about what tools we use, so if you have a new language or framework that is the right fit for the problem, this is where you will get to use it.

    We are a genuinely remote team – our company features people from all over the world. Making it work comes down to trust in the team. As with our work, we are constantly evolving better ways of doing this — working on the right balance of tools and behaviour to make it better, and making learning (both as individuals and as a company) a priority. You’ll have a training budget you can do what you want with, and you’ll get access to a bottomless book library on the Kindle you’ll get when you join.

    We don’t believe in working in isolation. We want to work with and learn from experts — people such as Skelton Thatcher, Karl Scotland and Cucumber.io for consultancy and coaching.

    As a member of the technology team, you will have the ear of the company: from design, product, marketing, client services and the leadership team. Whether that be collaborating on new product initiatives, getting the opportunity to join customers on the coal face or hashing out an architectural problem with our technical leads, the culture is friendly to ideas from all.

    We are a place of equal opportunity. We are on a journey to make our team “diverse by construction” and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, gender and ethnicity.

    Would you like to join us?

    Tech stack

    AWS, Azure, docker, ansible, python, ruby, ruby-on-rails, node.js, elixir, github, auth0, logentries, graphite
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