Our mission is to get more people outside and, more specifically, to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring AND protecting our lands.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, & Hospitality
  • Headquarters address
    2 Mint Plaza
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    Company Values

    Read about our company values here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10PaRt2lOXQq3tVrQYkB_2IiZlXHAjRA6/view

    Engineering Team Values

    Read all about our engineering team and our engineering team values here: https://www.keyvalues.com/hipcamp

    Our Story

    Hipcamp Founder and CEO Alyssa Ravasio started Hipcamp because she loved the outdoors and was frustrated by how difficult it was to book a campsite despite spending several hours researching. At the time, 30% of the California State Park system was being threatened with closure due to lack of revenue. This had to change.
    Alyssa started Hipcamp to get more people outside. Hipcamp makes it easy for people to explore, adventure, and find the best campsite. Hipcamp is passionate about creating equal access to the outdoors and providing a revenue stream to landowners so they can remain autonomous and protect their private land. We are passionate about sustainability and getting more people outside to connect with nature.

    Like Alyssa, many of our employees have a passion for camping and want to help build a product they love using. Most people who want to work with us are concerned about increasing access to the outdoors while also protecting it for future generations. It’s no surprise that all of us use our own product to go camping on the weekend. We participate in a ‘Summer Camp Challenge’ and each employee receives a large amount of Hipcash (Hipcamp credit) that refreshes annually to allow them to get out, experience nature and use the Hipcamp product!

    To learn more about Hipcamp’s origin story, take a peek at this documentary created by REI: https://youtu.be/XdjSvQXXePw?t=81

    Interview Process

    Our process is subject to change a bit depending on the role and the candidate's timeline, but this is our typical process:
    We will start with an introductory call to get to know you. You’ll get to talk about your experience, what you’re looking for next, and what you’re passionate about and we will tell you all about Hipcamp, what it’s like working here, and the role. Next, you’ll complete a short take-home assignment, then you’ll talk with an engineer on the phone about what it’s like to be an engineer at Hipcamp, complete questions related to web frameworks, and do a short coding session together. The final stage is an onsite interview at the Hipcamp HQ, where you’ll meet several folks from the engineering team, some folks from product, and our CEO & Founder.

    Life at Hipcamp

    If you want to see more of what life is like at Hipcamp, check out #lifeathipcamp on Instagram @hipcamphq.

    Tech stack

    Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, React Native, Sass, Redis, ElasticSearch, Postgres, Heroku


    Health and wellness

    Insurance (Health)
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    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)
    Hipcamp - 8th floor common space
    Hipcamp - Tasting local coffees at our offsite!
    Hipcamp - We love our office space and this 8th floor quiet room with bird-feeders
    Hipcamp - We are dog friendly!
    Hipcamp - The Hipcamp office is an oasis
    Hipcamp - More plants than people
    Hipcamp - Team horseback riding at Chanslor Ranch
    Hipcamp - All natural!
    Hipcamp - New hire welcome bonfire!
    Hipcamp - 10th floor conference room
    Hipcamp - Our host appreciation wall
    Hipcamp - Team s'mores around the campfire
    Hipcamp - Tiny Hipcampers during take your children to work day
    Hipcamp - Find yourself outside!
    Hipcamp - Our first off-site of 2018 at Chanslor Ranch
    Hipcamp - Team campout paella, yes please!
    Hipcamp - Team hike at Lands End
    Hipcamp - Team taco bar, we absolutely love cooking meals together in our kitchen