Business Collaboration Simplified

Founded 2012
51-200 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    500 Arguello Street, STE 300, Redwood City, CA 94063, USA

    We’re transforming the way companies work — beginning with our own.

    We just launched Highfive and we’re busy creating a video conferencing experience that people can actually love. The reception from the media has been great with coverage from WIRED, TechCrunch, Gizmodo and a bunch of other publications. We’re well funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed and General Catalyst, plus some of the Bay Area's best investors (including the founders and CEOs of some of the best startup companies in the area). The market is huge and hungry for what we are offering.

    We have assembled a small team of amazing engineers and designers, our people come from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Jawbone and other top companies. Our goal is to breathe life into a product category that’s been devoid of any real innovation for a very long time.

    We’re looking for creative, inspired entrepreneurs to join us in our mission. Are you a company builder looking to make an impact? Let’s talk!

    Tech stack

    HTML5, Javascript, AngularJS, Java, Scala, Jetty, Jitsi, AWS, GCE, embedded Linux, OpenGL, C, C++, WebRTC, H.264, iOS, Android


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

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    Insurance (Dental)
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    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)

    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Highfive - We provide a desk and a 30” screen; you choose the rest. We’ll give you $5,000 your first year to buy whatever gear you need to be productive.
    Highfive - The engineering team gets matching Highfive joggers!
    Highfive - Welcome to our new Chief Revenue Officer & Chief Financial Officer
    Highfive - Revenue team off-site
    Highfive - Halloween festivities
    Highfive - Ladies (+Jeff) of Highfive paint night
    Highfive - Bocce ball company off-site
    Highfive - Company happy hour