Health Expense

Automated and pro-active healthcare - from payment to scheduling and communicating with the right professional (doctor, biller, insurance).

Founded 2010
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
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    440 North Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA

    tl;dr We're a Healthcare Technology company aiming to make the people's life easier when they need help most: during medical treatment.

    Healthcare Industry

    Every year over $300 B is paid out of pocket by patients. More often than not they pay without knowing for sure this is a real balance and not a mistake.

    For all of us it's not "if", but "when" we will need to start looking for a medical specialist, a good hospital and the right treatment.

    Those are stressful times. Worrying about how to pay, when to pay, how much to pay should not be one of the stress factors at that times.

    HealthExpense Inc.

    We aggregate health claims and flag errors. We integrate with most of the Health Benefit Management platforms in US, so these claims are automatically sent to your benefit manager for substantiation or reimbursement - and you don't even have to know what those words actually mean.

    You can have one less thing to worry about knowing that there are no lost bill, no double payment, no need to store receipts for your tax return.

    Also just like you invest your 401k automatically in index funds, you should be able to invest your HSA balance in the same way, letting it grow tax-free.


    The core product is used by paying customers since 2011.
    We integrate with the major technology providers in our market, so the sales part is easy - it's just a checkbox.

    On the other hand there's a long list of features our customers would like to use.

    Day in, day out we process data from many sources. How can we create a generic enough pipeline so it would accommodate 100s of different formats and still deliver perfect results? Our Data Team is working on our proprietary Scala code that it not matched by any other company so far - and we tried every product out there, open source or otherwise.

    We have all this data about who went to which doctor and how much they paid - can we provide price and quality before going to the next doctor? Sure we can, and if you dream about Spark, ETL jobs and data pipelines, its a great challenge to get it right.

    Our potential customer base right now is at 30 million families and growing. With the right C++14 and SQL skills it can be handled with under 50 ms/API call. Or if you know your way around Web applications, HTML and Javascript, our Scala/React application is a great way to get quick results. And if you come up with an amazing component, we will be more than happy to help open sourcing it.

    Currently we have 9 engineering positions open.

    Just ask! We would be happy to hear from you!

    Tech stack

    Scala, C++, AWS, Redis, ObjC


    Health and wellness

    Health insurance
    Dental insurance
    Vision insurance
    Life insurance
    Disability insurance