We're disrupting traditional outbound sales; using machine intelligence to support outbound sales teams, by combining lead generation and outbound email automation into one easy-to-use platform.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Platform
  • Headquarters address
    25 Taylor St.

    Growlabs is a fully automated sales engine. We started in October 2016 and we’re a team of 14. We’re looking to hire a senior backend developer. The role includes a generous equity / salary package.

    About us:

    Growlabs’ CEO has proven experience building a start-up from scratch, growing teams, raising funding and exits. He has an engineering and business background. Prior to Growlabs, he was the founder at He grew the company to 28 employees and sold it to Live Nation in 2015, returning a significant gain to investors and employees. While at Universe, he built a very efficient outbound sales automation machines that allowed the company to convert 32,000 clients in 2.5 years. In the past 18 months, he’s helped several VC backed companies grow via outbound channels and built a prototype for a scalable outbound sales engine.

    Having experienced the pain points himself and seeing really smart people and companies in different industries struggle with outbound sales at scale, he decided to start Growlabs, with the aim to disrupt the entire lead generation / outbound sales industry.

    Growlabs’ CTO is a software architect. He previously built a distributed filesystem and Apple's distributed build system for OS X and iOS, he was then part of Google+'s founding team and developed Google's iOS Engineering Course, after which he was the first engineering hire at Secret, one of the fastest growing Bay Area start-up. Growlabs’ Product Designer, worked at Cooper and Tradecraft and their head of Operations led ops at and LiveNation.

    Growlabs raised a $2.2M seed funding round from Angels, VCs and relevant individuals in the sales industry (e.g SVP Sales at large B2B companies). They already have paying clients and have reached profitability 7 months after product launch. The entire team is based in San Francisco

    What we’re looking for?

    We're aiming to hire really really smart individuals and disrupt the sales industry in a meaningful way. Our quality bar is extremely high. We believe a small team of extremely talented people is 100x more likely to create disrupting technologies than a medium to large team of average individuals.

    Tech stack

    Node, js, Python, Rasa, SciKit, AWS (DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, S3, EC2), Postgresql, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Redis, React, Redux, Vue.js


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