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    About Us

    We are all software craftsmen at heart and engineering excellence is at the focal point of everything we do at Grindr.
    We are an agile shop and we use pair programming together with behavior-driven development (BDD) principles to build amazing things. No line of code is ever written by just one developer and we have over 90% of test code coverage.

    Our users today have a choice of iOS and Android native clients powered by Grindr 3.0 back-end utilizing non-blocking I/O Akka and Scala framework. We build our business components using Java programming language and we use Zookeper to configure AWS Elastic Beanstalk clusters running Grindr.

    Our infrastructure depends on heavy usage of advanced cloud computing and caching techniques to scale massively around the world. We support over 1MM active hourly users pushing 10K API calls per second sending over 135MM chat messages per day. We use Redis, Elastisearch, AMQP RabbitMQ, Amazon RDS and DynamoDB, as well as, Erlang based MongooseIM to power our apps.

    ... Did you know?

    Grindr produces -
    900MM API Calls per day
    85MM Chat Messages per day
    10k Geo Spatial database operations per second
    300k Profile Image upload per day
    8MM Chat Images exchanged per day

    Tech stack

    Redis, AWS, JAVA, Erlang, Elixir, RabbitMQ


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