GetHired, Inc.

Our company provides HR software for small to mid-sized businesses across North America.

Founded 2012
1-15 employees
  • Human Resources & Careers
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    Palo Alto, CA, United States


    At, we're re-imagining hiring from the ground, up.

    Our founders are serial entrepreneurs who understand from experience that the hiring process is often the biggest hurdle in growing a company. Posting open positions on job boards like or Craigslist is time-consuming and expensive - and may elicit hundreds of email inquiries per post. Employers must then spend time sifting through these resumes to find the best candidates, sometimes with no insight into who is really best for an open position. is reinventing the way that employers and job seekers connect in today's digital world. It combines the visibility of a job board with the functionality of an applicant tracking system - allowing employers to find and pre-screen candidates using video and audio, conduct real-time virtual interviews and manage the entire onboarding process. produces better-quality candidates, in less time, at no cost.

    For employers's cutting-edge platform makes it easy for employers to empower job seekers to put their best foot forward in the hiring process - not only by generating qualified candidates, but also candidates that are a cultural fit for their organization. By asking customized pre-screening questions and enabling job seekers to differentiate themselves using video and audio, employers are using the platform to more efficiently pre-screen and track candidates, cutting the weeks-long hiring process down to hours. provides employers with the technology to connect with candidates, and not just a stack of resumes.

    For job seekers gives job seekers a leg up in the hiring process by providing them with the tools they need to differentiate themselves in the discovery process, and to better control how employers receive their information - all while tracking applications and interview requests in real-time. is based in Palo Alto, California.


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