Get The World Moving Pty Ltd

To get the world moving, working with businesses worldwide to improve the health and performance of their employees, and to ultimately change the lives of 1 million people in a single year.

Founded 2003
51-200 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    242 West 30th Street #400, New York, NY 10001, USA

    The GCC was founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003. What started as frustration at our increasingly sedentary society soon developed into the realisation that we are only a generation away from not being able to field a globally competitive workforce. The GCC is a corporate health initiative developed to improve the health and performance of employees around the world, and is now a global movement that has reached 1.5 million employees and 4700 organisations across 185 countries.

    Our scientifically developed, clinically proven 12-month initiative takes employees on a journey that dramatically and permanently improves their relationship with exercise and nutrition and instills in them a new sense of self-belief, personal responsibility and resilience. The groundswell of participation in GCC can be attributed not only to 13 years of evidence-based innovation, but also to the fact that, year-on-year, the GCC delivers an experience that truly excites and engages people into changing everyday behavior and improving their performance.

    Today, the GCC’s epic journey – and growth – continues through offices across North America, South America, Europe and Asia.


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