Our vision is to become the go-to solution for complex big data in real time!

GeoSpock was conceived by Steve Marsh whilst reading for his PhD at Cambridge University’s world-famous Computer Labs. There he was developing a real-time, extreme-scale super computer for simulating human brain function.

In 2013 he teamed up with Dr Darrin M Disley, a parallel entrepreneur, to found GeoSpock Limited, with the aim of creating a big data search engine for the rapidly-changing, multi-dimensional, physical world.

In February 2015, GeoSpock welcomed internet life science pioneer Dr Jonathan Milner to its board of directors. Read the press release.

In October 2015, GeoSpock closed a Series A investment round of £3.5 million. Read the press release.

GeoSpock’s first product is a high performance, cloud-based database service with a simple-to-use API, suitable for all location-tagged information and able to deal with enormous data sets, and massive concurrent load, straight out of the box.

Our vision is to become the go-to solution for complex big data. Beyond location, we’re committed to extending the reach of our technology, bringing the same speed, scalability and simplicity advantages to applications including weather modeling, facial recognition and DNA sequencing for healthcare.

GeoSpock is the future of big data management.


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