General UI

General UI continues to be comprised of the best mobile app developers & designers and emerging technology engineers.

Founded 2009
Headquarters address
3417 Evanston Avenue North #501, Seattle, WA 98103, USA

General UI is comprised of the best mobile app developers & designers and emerging technology engineers. We are innovators of our shared philosophy of teamwork as much as we are of the cutting edge products we develop.

Since 2009, General UI has built a reputation as a best-of-breed app developer and the name behind leading apps in diverse industries such as travel, healthcare & entertainment, and app store categories. We collaborate with innovative brands, startups, and domain-expert entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life as delightful mobile products. These products give our partners the ability to address customers, in the revolutionary new ways made possible through mobile computing.

We believe that great software comes from great teams, and we engage in the constant innovation of our collaborative processes. From our deep understanding of much-discussed philosophies and processes such as Lean, Agile, and Scrum, we’ve created a productive and performant model of teamwork that we continue to evolve over time. This model, and our commitment to its perfection, is what makes General UI a source of unparalleled value for our customers and team members alike.

Our culture encourages each individual to maximize their creative and technical prowess to contribute to the development community in the heart of the Pacific Northwest!

Tech stack

iOS, Android, javascript, Objective C, Node, Swift, PHP, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, JAVA


Compensation and retirement

401k plan

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