The world's best educational video clips curated and rated by teachers.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Education
  • Headquarters address
    92 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7TY

    At Boclips, we are on the path to creating something impactful for the world of education. Open video sites have many risks for students and teachers. However children are consuming more and more video. We are building a safe place for teachers to easily discover and share awe-inspiring video with students in class. We have the world’s largest collection of video from the most trusted creators around the world, helping to bring concepts to life in the classroom. Ted Talks, Youtube EDU, Crash Course, Minute Physics, Sci Show to name a few, giving teachers a way to find trusted, teacher-curated content and giving students a way to get smarter with video.

    Engineering at boclips

    -Engineering is a small and highly-effective team of mostly senior software engineers
    -No ego, no rank. We are a bunch of skilled people working together, trying to find the best solutions.
    -We pair program a lot, but not only. We like to solve problems together that's why value communication skills so highly.
    -Our effectiveness comes from using modern software development processes, practices and tools.
    -We take pride in writing well-tested and well-factored code because at the end of the day, we aim to go fast forever.
    -Delivering software will be fun - money back guarantee!

    Engineering Challenges

    Our large amounts of video data mean we need robust and scalable engineering solutions
    We keep improving our understanding and enrichment of our vast data set. This is an ambitious goal and a very exciting one as our value proposition revolves around users being able to easily discover the most relevant videos.
    We integrate with third parties and always make sure that our software stays in sync with external services by building automated software delivery and monitoring systems
    We are building new software whilst refactoring code that's powering an operating business.

    Our Values

    We care about people and problems
    We learn, avidly.
    We are kind even when we disagree
    We stand our ground when we believe it's right.

    Hiring Process

    What matters most to our team is communication and collaboration more than technical ability. We know we can ramp people up quickly. So our process is designed to show us how you work, how you think and not what you know.

    1st Interview: 1 hr Remote Pairing Session. Our Engineer codes, you talk, think out loud together as you work through a problem
    2nd Interview: 3 hour session in the office, working with the team on a real user story.

    Tech stack

    Kubernetes, Kotlin, React, Typescript, Google Cloud, Scala, Spark.


    Health and wellness

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