Flow Engineering

GitHub for hardware. Our mission is to trigger the next industrial revolution by allowing anyone to develop cutting edge industrial hardware instantly.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Aviation & Space
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    “The success of future of all NASA missions will depend, in part, on the development of a new way of performing engineering design.” – NASA 1999

    The Engineering Company’s mission is to trigger the next industrial revolution by allowing anyone to develop cutting edge industrial hardware. We are developing deep software technologies to radically accelerate hardware development. From rockets to wind turbines, our platform allows anyone to design in hours, what would typically take months, at a profoundly more powerful complexity level. This is fundamentally the next way of developing industrial hardware. We intend our platform to power the next 100 years of hardware invention.

    *Note: “hardware” refers to any industrial manufactured engineering component from complex systems like rockets to even simple products such as microwaves.

    We are a team of rocket engineers from Imperial College, BAE Systems and BP. Our advisors are senior leaders at NASA, Royal Academy of Engineering and the Dyson School of Design Engineering. Our investors include Hank Vigil (Microsoft Senior Vice President of Strategy), Charlie Songhurst (Microsoft M&A Exec), Zehan Wang (CTO Twitter Cortex), Ken Costa (Chairman of UBS/Lazard) and over 15 more world-leading technologists, angel investors and deep tech VCs.

    We have succeeded at building technology that NASA failed to do for 20 years. However, our technology is still early and we are actively looking to rebuild the entire software implementation from the ground up. As the senior software engineer, you will not only architect, define and build the software capabilities of this framework but also assist in hiring and leading our software team to achieve our vision. No prior experience in mechanical engineering is required but we expect you to learn fast.

    We have just closed a major seed round and are now ready to scale fast. We’re deeply in stealth mode and you won't find more information online. Whether you are a passionate university graduate or an experienced senior, let’s talk.

    Below is a summary of our simple application process:
    1. Introductory Call: To get to know you better and talk about what we are developing.
    2. In-Person Interview: Dive deep into the technology with our team, talk about its implementation and where you can contribute best. We might also conduct a separate technical interview.
    3. Offer: If all goes well, we will make you an offer as soon as possible and start making a dent in the universe together.

    Tech stack

    API, software tools, Go, JavaScript, Terraform, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Docker


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